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Floor Care

Floor Care
  • . OPAL Hard Floor Care
      Ammoniated with lemon fragrance. Gentle pH to suit all types of surfaces. Excellent cleaner specially for greasy floors in kitchen areas.
    Code Product Name
    17671 OPAL Floor Cleaner 5L
    Code: 17671
    17862 OPAL Floor Cleaner 20L
    Code: 17862
    46067 OPAL Tornado Tile Cleaner 5L
    Code: 46067
    14900 OPAL Tornado Tile Cleaner 20L
    Code: 14900
    60724 OPAL Neutralex 5L
    Code: 60724
  • . ACTICHEM Hard Floor System

    INSTAGLOSS - A new generation floor finish. Perfect blend of durability and hardness for traffic and black heel resistance, scuffing, slip resistance and wet look repairability. Ideal for homes, offices, retail outlets, and can also be used on wooden floors.

    INSTABUFF SUPER - Top performance spray-buff cleaning compound. Utilises high performance polymers for optimum results. Ideal for use on high traffic areas where optimum repair of floor finish is required, and full restoration of lost shine.

    INSTASTRIP - Powerful alkaline based solution. Boosted with select solvents for the removal of wax and acrylic floor coatings from a wide variety of floor surfaces. Non-ammoniated for easy use.

    PRO NEUTRO - A new generation, neutral pH detergent cleaner specifically designed to remove soil from pH sensitive surfaces such as polymer coated flooring, wooden flooring and fine stone. Employs latest nano surfactant technology for nil residue stunning clean.

    Code Product Name
    10073 ACTICHEM Instagloss 5L
    Code: 10073
    15716 ACTICHEM Instabuff Super 5L
    Code: 15716
    17816 ACTICHEM T&G Power 5L
    Code: 17816
    15705 ACTICHEM Instastrip 5L
    Code: 15705
  • ACCENT Carpet Care

    ACCENT H88 - Professional strength carpet pre-spray detergent. Excellent grease cutting and tracked in soil removal. Low VOC, non-hazardous formulation. Safe for use on synthetic and wool carpets. Ideal for commercial and domestic use.

    GALA micro spray technology ensures the fine spray disperses efficiently and effectively. Restores the appearance of wool, acrylic, nylon and other synthetics. Safely cleans, deodorizes and repels stains. Dries in minutes then vacuum away. Can also be used on many upholstery fabrics.

    TRUE BLUE OUTRITE PLUS with soil block is a power boosted 3 stage cleaner boasting a vast combination of grease cutters, soil suspenders, anti static agents and powerful penetrating solvents. A traffic lane pre-spray that solubilises heavy soilage thus making the extraction process more effective. A deodorant that eliminates all carpet odour, as well as an extraction liquid that is highly economical and effective, and imparts anti-resoiling properties to the carpet. Soil Block gives the cleaner a broad spectrum spotting agent. Ideal on protein and oil based stains.

    Code Product Name
    21830 ACCENT enCap H88 Carpet Cleaner 3 x 5L
    Code: 21830
  • ACTICHEM Carpet Care
      Premium Quality In-Tank Rinse and Cleaning Solution
    • Provides high performance rinsing of prespray residues.
    • Provides excellent cleaning action in one-step cleans.
    • Promotes reduced water usage and faster carpet drying.
    • Specialty corrosion inhibitors protect equipment components.
    • Safe for use on all wall-to-wall carpeting.
    Code Product Name
    10023 ACTICHEM Conquer 750mL (12)
    Code: 10023
    20838 ACTICHEM Emulsifier Plus 5L
    Code: 20838
  • OPAL Carpet Care

    OPAL DEEPCLEAN LAVENDER - Professional carpet pre-spray and spotter. Concentrated low foaming formula. Ideal for any types of fibres. Lavender fragrance.

    OPAL DEEPCLEAN EXCEL - Professional low foaming carpet cleaning pre-spray & spotter with wetting agents and solubilisers. Ideal on any types of fibres including wool, nylon and polyproylene. Complies with AS/NZS 3733 for pH. Lemon Fragrance.

    Code Product Name
    17757 OPAL Deepclean Lavender 5L
    Code: 17757
    18010 OPAL Deepclean Lavender 20L
    Code: 18010
    14956 OPAL Deepclean Excel 5L
    Code: 14956
    12715 OPAL Carpet Shampoo Extract 5L
    Code: 12715